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September 19, 2009

Re-purposed Black Coil-bound NotebookI listed a new book today. It’s a re-purposed novel from the loads of hardcover books my mother-in-law passed my way years ago. At first I didn’t quite know what I would do with all these hardcover books, but then I started, slow but sure, to find a use for them. The first couple I turned into ‘altered books’ – otherwise known as my journals. I have a personal journal that I haven’t worked in for over two months (thanks Griffin) and I have a ‘fertility turned pregnancy’ journal that needs just the last page finished since I managed to work on the next to last page while in labor. (I’m awesome!) So, after turning a few of them into my own personal art projects I decided to use the covers of a few of them for coil bound blank notebooks. I Love Love Love (have always Loved) spiral bound notebooks. It’s something about being able to flip over the top and just see one page at a time, instead of a spread. The joy of the coil. So, I went out and bought a binding machine and lo and behold it uses WIRE- which I also happen to ADORE! So, hear is the end result. My first book. I like it. It’s plain, but still gets the point across.

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