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February 18, 2009

I do so miss creating things- sometimes. I haven’t really ‘made’ anything (except a baby) since Christmas, and even that was before Christmas- geesh. During the holiday season I created and designed and worked out so many ‘things’ that once it was over, I needed a GIANT break from it all, and I took it.

Since then, I’ve mostly been working on my altered book/fertility/pregnancy journal, and most recently I began another altered book/journal just for every day use. We bought a new desk to grace our bedroom, so now I try to keep most of my work stationed in there so we can actually eat dinner at the dinner table instead of in various rooms on tv trays. I’m trying.

And that’s my excuse for not creating anything new, out of the ether, either for fun, for friends, or for etsy. However, I do still have a backlog of work that I have yet to post to Etsy- so I hope in these next few weeks to get those all posted. A bit of housekeping I’ll call it.

So, without further ado:
Beetles and Ribon Beetles & Ribbon- this is by far my most popular type of book- meaning, people LOVE this paper. Really, it is beautiful, and I hate bugs, so that’s saying something. This one is a bit larger than most of the books I make (8 1/2  x  5 1/2) and is filled with blank archival white speckled paper that is 50% sugar cane, 30% post consume, and 20% recycled fiber.This means no new trees! I Love this paper, which is why I use it in nearly all of my books.

South America South America – The ideal size (4 1/4 x 5 1/2) these books are a joy to make and an ever better joy to write or draw in. I found this Atlas at the local library a few months back and usually my problem with purchasing ($1!) beautiful old books is that I refuse to tear them up or use them in any way, even if that’s the sole purpose I’m buying them for in the first place. I finally broke this one out and started to make a few book covers with the pages within.  Thus far I’ve made a Sweden (Sold!) and a Brazil (also Sold!) and this one is of the southern tip of South America and the Atlantic Ocean. Love.

Stamps and Blue Stamps in Blue – Another paper I adore that I bought a few years back to create a blank journal for a friend of mine, I finally finished up the last of the paper creating these last two stamp themed books. One has a pale pink paper inside, the other the same post consume paper as mentioned above. This is the latter. Also small, this book fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to just carry around on any travels or excursions.

So that’s what I have for now, and even two of these have yet to be listed on Etsy. Give me time. I like to list no more than one a day:) Be well, and hopefully this winter will be over soon.

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