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books books and more books

December 7, 2008

Over the past month I’ve managed to finish about 10 handmade journals/books that I’m setting up to sell today at a Holiday Open House in the neighborhood.

Yesterday I set out to price and tag all of the things I’ve made over the past few months to ready myself for the Open House and only then did I realize just how much I have created. It’s quite amazing actually, and I impressed myself with the pure heft of what I’ve done.

Of course, I’ve only photographed each item individually, so as I type this I’m thinking about bringing the large tote with all my books, and the second tote with all my knits, back upstairs to photograph in their entirety, but really, I’m too lazy, tired, and just plain pig-headed to do that right now.

Perhaps I will take a picture of my table at the Open House and that will fill this post out later today.  Perhaps.

Or I could just say I have an inventory list of THIRTY ONE books and TWENTY FIVE knits, plus a dozen or so pin back buttons and nine sets of linocut cards.  Really, I had no idea I’d spent that much time making things.

I suppose I might stop until next Christmas.

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