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highly irritated

November 14, 2008

So, as the morning presses on my cheeks become redder, my heart constricts a little more and the glue on my fingers is drying slowly enough to crack off with each hit of the keyboard. The baby is sleeping, I have a Jacob’s Ladder and four covers pressing downstairs and though I should go finish two more, I’m sitting her getting ready to rant about nothing in particular. Ok, maybe not rant. I’m not quite angry enough to rant, yet.

I bought this super cool World’s Gazetteer and Atlas a few months ago at the Library’s annual ‘buy as much crap as you can’ sale and I haven’t touched it since.  I’ve wanted to make a few books out of maps for a while, but I bought this book, and I haven’t had the courage, I guess, to just start ripping pages out. It’s beautiful. It’s old.  It’s huge.  And I didn’t want to ruin it. But, I bought it for $2 for the sole purpose of ruining it, sort of, and so, last night, I finally ripped out a map of Norway and Sweden and made a small book cover out of it.  I also collaged another one, something that I’d been meaning to do back when I was planning on making some books for the DDR-athon my husband was going to put on, but that’s a long story we shant get into here.

Anywho, I did it.  And I Love it. So, today, I made two covers out of a map of Brazil.  Yay!

I’ll post pictures eventually, when the book blocks are sewn and attached and all that good stuff.

I decided I’m going to make about a handful of these small 4.25″ x 5.5″ books to have on hand for various reasons because I think they’re the nicest things I have to offer.  They open flat, they have covered spines which people tend to enjoy, and they’re still hard covered. And the paper grain is running the right way and I have the supplies with which to do it all with, so it works out nicely.  And they fit right in the palm of your hand and, well, yeah, I like them.

We’ll see how many I manage to get done this weekend, since I’ve put the knitting aside for now hopefully I’ll get a few.  I still have a knit throw to post on esty this week, if only I could get around to photographing it, and by then I’ll have at least two books to post as well.

Ahh yes, the procrastination fairy strikes again.

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