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October 21, 2008

falltree Today I listed this photo on etsy. For many reasons I suppose.

– It’s fall.  It’s beautiful cool breezy fall and though this photo was taken in the fall, it’s black and white/infrared qualities reminds me both of what is, and what’s to come: winter.

– It was time to list more photography, as I haven’t in a while.  My experience on etsy has been . . . interesting.  I can’t say things are selling quickly, but I can’t exactly whine about it either. It is what it is.  But, what I noticed a while back is that photography doesn’t exactly sell sell sell like some other art work out there does.  Which, is why I haven’t listed a whole lot. Photography more than any other medium (in my opinion) is something that is totally  that whole ‘beauty in the eye of the beholder’ thing.  These photos that I really like and enjoy and wouldn’t mind having printed/framed/displayed in my own home aren’t exactly pieces other people might enjoy as well.  These photos that I like remind me of the time I took them; when I was walking around campus on a cool fall day with the camera in tow or when, on our honeymoon, I caught a great frame between a palm tree and the ocean. These are my memories, no one else’s, and for that reason, I think my photography is mostly mine, and no one else’s.

cayenne copyI also plan on posting a few ttv shots that I’ve started fooling around with lately. My adoring husband bought me the Kodak Duaflex off Ebay that I’ve been asking for since this time last year and the moment I got it I created some rig in order for me to take these photos.  It’s hard to explain to people (ok, my family) what it is that I’m doing with this old vintage camera with a tube on top that connects it to my digital.  It’s quite a sight to behold I guess.  But, in the end, I REALLY like the product.  Yes, I could just PRETEND to do ttv and just crop and acid wash my photos in Photoshop, but how much fun would that really be?  Exactly.  So, here are a few shots that I plan to post in the next few days as well, because, well, I can.  And maybe, someone out there, will like them too.

daisies copyGoodness, how I Love square formatted images. Oh, that reminds me. Two weekends ago I was able to visit a dear friend in Chicago and I took my beLoved Holga (film) with me.  Boy, was that fun, and a fiasco.  Eventually I will learn how to load that thing without having to read the instruction manual first. Anywho, the first two rolls of film I took (around Andersonville and the Chicago area) I set the film to have 16 exposures when it was only to have 12, which means each of my square formatted beauteous photos would be overlapping the two previous. Fun.  On the third roll, once I figured out I was a dummy, I filled with pics of Navy Pier and the river area over by the Wrigley Building and the Chicago Tribune. Fun! Right?

Wrong.  The photos are beautiful, I Love them.  Here’s the problem.  The place where I ‘usually’ take my Holga (ok, the first two rolls I’ve ever taken) is now only printing digital.  Their black and white machine broke and they’re essentially going out of business as we speak. Oh, the horror. Yes, I hated the people that worked there and their haughty photography studio, but the did what I needed for cheap.  Another place, nearby, where I purchased the film, only develops and prints color, and of course, I did black and white.  The last place in town that will develop and print 120 black and white film charges $6 a roll to develop and $.85 per image to print.  Are you kidding me?! Seriously?! So, I have the film developed, but no prints, because no way I was printing out 36 pictures at $.85 a pop only to have 24 of them be overlapping because of my stupidity.  So, alas, I’m searching for a way to scan the negs and get them digitally.

It’s really no wonder the film industry has died– we’re broke here for cyring out loud.  Shooting with my Holga is twice as expensive as shooting with my now defunct we no longer sell film Polaroid.  Shucks.

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