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Little Blue Book

September 29, 2008

Little Blue Book - Fabric covered Listed today.  I really like making these sort of small pocket-sized journals because, well, they’re a quick make, sort of, and they fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, and yet they’re still big enough to actually be worth making and use.  Yeah.  That.

I particularly like this book because the doublure pages are grey and white alphabet, and I just Love type.  I also Love the paper inside, though I’m nearly out.  Guess it’s time to go purchase some more eh?  Nah.  We’ll just move onto another obsession I think.

I think my next step is to start making some books with collaged covers. Yes.  I think so.  I recently made a wedding-type book for a cousin and pasted on some lace and doilies and I really liked the effect.  It’s definitely something I could get used to and it allows for so much more . . . everything.

In fact, I was going to start making some books for the infamous DDR-athon that my husband helps to put on each year to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital, and now that I think of it, instead of designing covers I might just create some game-themed collage covers from gaming zines and what not.  That might be much more enjoable.  Perhaps.

This is really just turning into a conversation with myself, but aren’t all my entries really?  Yes, yes they are.

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  1. October 14, 2008 4:16 pm

    Completely in love with this one! Gorgeous colors!

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