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Works in progress are adding up

September 2, 2008

Last week I started on a book for a friend and since then, I’ve finished four, started two more, and still not photographed and.or posted any of them.  I’m awesome.

I have really been productive as of late though.  I think it’s the working with new materials thing.  Said friend, that I was working on a book for, was cleaning out her work’s library and brought me a quite a few fabric, carpet, drape samplings to use as book covers.  Last week was the first time I even attempted because really I wanted her book to be the first one I made with the fabric.  And though I had some learning to do when covering book board with REALLY THICK fabric, I think I figured it out and I came up with a pretty nice product.  I do feel though that the books covered in this fabric need a little embellishment on the covers, so I’ll need to make a shopping trip of some kind soon to see what I can find.

I also finally gave my BFF (ha! that makes me laugh: the usage of the acronym BFF that is, not that I have a BFF or that she is mine) her birthday gift which was an 8″x8″ album bound journal with lined pages full of BDSM quotes.  Yup.  I’m like that.  I think she enjoyed it though- and it was made especially for her.  It’s one of the favorite books that I’ve made lately, mostly because i LOVE LOVE LOVE square books, so I imagine I will be making another one similar to it soon.  I also really enjoyed the album binding because although it doesn’t lie completely flat like a coptic stitch, with its hinged binding the covers do fold back enough to be able to write on the back sides of the pages.  So that’s nice.  And it’s a much easier binding to master.

Today I pressed a half dozen cards that I hope to get posted soon as well.  Last week I carved my swirly tree into lino and just today was its first pressing onto paper.  Sweet! I Love it.  I’m not out of blank cards and either need to make or buy more.

So, that’s me trying to catch up.  Not much of interest here.  I suppose I should write up some tutorials or something here, so I can truly share what I do with you.  I should do that.  Yep, I should.

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