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Lotus flowers . . . finally

August 23, 2008

Set of Lotus Flower Cards- two designsI have beeing doodling lotus flowers ever since I had to create some ridiculous logo design for some pompous salon owner here in town for the local alternative newspaper I was working for at the time, and not get paid.  The woman was effing picky, let me tell you.  I probably drew a dozen different types of lotus flowers, none to her liking, all very different (these were two of them) and she was never happy.  Basically she was never happy because she wanted a VERY specific lotus flower that she essentially wanted copied from some other logo that she just had her heart set on.  That transaction certainly didn’t end well, but hey, at least I got these two designs out of the whole ordeal.

So, I’ve been wanting to do something with these designs for a bit now.  I don’t draw, I’m not good at drawing, and so the fact that I created these two rather simple designs and I actually liked them . . . well, that meant/s that I should use them, so many moons ago I carved them into a piece of lino . . . and waited.

My first pass was to ‘stamp’ them onto some handmade paper that I had made. That didn’t work out.  I knew I wanted to make cards out of them, but I wasn’t sure what stock to use, so I waited until the right paper came to me.  Then I remembered buying some painting/drawing stock at Pyg’s the last time I was there (the infamous sale) and decided, hey, I can use that.  So I did.

So, these 4″x4″ lotus designs are stamped onto 5″x5″ folded cards and I Love them.  I just Love them.  It was so much fun to make them, I probably just won’t stop.

I also carved a leaf yesterday, so quickly I was amazed.  To think I wasted my time trying, in vain, to carve in some leftover wood and nearly killed myself.  Lino is just so smooth– smooth like butta they say. So, it really is a joy.

My next battle is to draw a tree- whether it’s my tree or one I create on a whim, we’ll have to wait and see.  I can’t imagine all the swirlies in ‘my’ tree will translate very well, or be very easy to print, but I’ll give it a go.

Also, as are most things posted here on this site, these cards are available in my etsy store for a minimal price if you ask me. I’ll always say that though. You can visit my shop here. I guess that’s all I have for today.

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