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It’s coming it’s coming it’s almost here

August 22, 2008

(not so) Little Brown ScarfSo, the winter months, they are a coming.  Yes, I know you don’t want to believe it, heck, I don’t either, but the truth is, they are.  And really, I’m ok with that.

I’ve suffered long enough through this drought-filled summer with its fickle ‘rainy season’ and ridiculous humidity.  I, for one, am ready for the seasons to change.  But, we must remember, my favorite month does indeed come between summer and winter, and that my dear friends is FALL!!!

Yay for fall.  I’m so excited to be able to wear curduroy (swish swish swish) again without fearing of death by heat exhaustion and I’m overjoyed that once again I can give in to my scarf fetish and wear a mismatched one every day, cause that’s what I do, even when it’s not windy or chilly or just plain cold- I can wear one because I won’t sweat to death doing it. Oh joy!

So, in commemoration of this glorious event, the welcoming of my favorite season of the year, I give you my first scarf of the season, with my beautiful husband, ok, HOT! husband, modeling it;) It’s super super long and super super warm, made with a wool blend that can be both WASHED and DRIED if you so desire (I never advise it because I’m skirred, but the label says you can, so I say go for it).

I bought these SUPER GARGANTUAN knitting needles on our trip to get sushi last month and I couldn’t wait to start using them, so  I grabbed this leftover skein of brownish yarn from a baby blanket I made awhile back, and just went to work.  Not too long after this is what I had.  About a ten foot long scarf that might be one of my favorites, I must say.  So, I’m off to a good start.

I sometimes feel as though I shouldn’t knit in the summer months, or the spring months even, because most of what I knit wouldn’t necessarily be worn until the fall or winter. I guess that’s why I started making cuffs as well, because, though they would be more comfy in the winter and fall and keeping you warm and all that, it’s not a necessity.

So, in the works, since I’m back on the knitting train and not just doing baby stuff anymore, are the following:

  • a triangle shawl I started this week and plan to finish sometime this millenia (I tried working the pattern with my GIANT needles, and it didn’t work out so well; the pattern looked FANTASTIC, but the shawl was big enough for my seven year old).
  • a headband-ish thingamajig
  • a scarflette (i Love the idea of these, but I can’t seem to find a pattern I like nor finagle one of my own quite yet)
  • more cuffs with a gentler, lighter, yarn– like embroidery thread or something
  • a beret- i already bought the yarn.  it’s silvery/grey and though I tried to steal it to make a shawl, it didn’t work out (the big needles one) and so I wrapped it back up for its proper project)

Guess that’s all for now.  Back to lino blocking.  (I’m pressing some new notecards/cards with envelopes for my Etsy store with about three different designs right now. We’ll see what comes of it.)

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  1. August 23, 2008 2:09 pm

    i LoveLoveLove this scarf. and i, too, have a thing for scarves… espcially when i was in oregon i wore different ones every day… just like you said, they are perfect for trasitional weather and i Love reasons like spring and fall to not have to wear a coat, still have on flip flops, and wear a scarf. it is absolutely gorgeous.

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