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August 18, 2008

Floofy Orange Wrist-a-cuffSo these past few days seem to have been an effort futility. I’m not sure why, I just feel like they have been. I did get a few things done, however, and I’ll document that here for good measure, and hopefully it will get me out of the current funk I am in (as of 4:00 today after driving across town to buy a piece of furniture from a seller on Craigslist only for them not to be home).

Yes, moving on. So, last week at some point, J and I drove to a nearby town to partake in some sushi goodness and on the way we stopped at a neato little store where I bought some pretty interesting yarn. Being that I’m still just a novice at this whole knitting thing, I decided to make cuffs out of the quirky, albeit beautiful, yarn, mostly because the yarn had more . . . heft? thingamabobs? hangy-offy things? than I’m used to. I can’t imagine knitting a scarf, much less a sweater, with this stuff. I bought, I think, about 4 skeins, of this interesting yarn. One is the beautiful floofy orange that you see above left. It’s almost like a little fire. I will probably make one of these for my own as well, or perhaps a headband of sorts. That could rock;) Another was this creme coloured very sophisticated looking one Victorian-esque Creme Wrist-a-cuffto the bottom right. I can see myself making a neck-warmer or something out of this as well. Then I bought this crazy green stuff that was probably the hardest thing to knit with EVAR, and then another orangie one that I haven’t touched yet. Fun stuff.

My next project, since I’m now on the knitting wagon with the weather starting to cool off and everything, is a shawl of sorts.  A friend of mine has been making them non-stop (crochet though) for a bit now, and I’m totally jealous, so I bought some Lion Brand Homespun the other day and plan on trying my hand at that the next time I have a spare hour (or eight) with idle hands.  I am actually pretty excited about it.  Time to move out from baby stuff and scarves;) Though, again, I will admit I will never knit anything close to a sweater, or a pair of socks.  It’s just not going to happen. Call me what you will, I just don’t have the patience for patterns that items like those require.

I will say that knitting, though relaxing, doesn’t necessarily make me a peaceful person.  If anything, it makes me a bit higher strung; trying to count the stitches, not lose them, remember where I am, concentrate . . .   It will be a bit before I can sit and watch tv and just knit.  Right now, I can sit and watch tv, but I don’t pay much attention.  It sort of has to be something I’ve seen before.  Or, the Olympics.  They have such long ads and there’s such a hefty weight in between the ‘real stuff’ it gives me time to get something done in between looking up.  Eh.  I’ll learn someday.

This entry is lacking.  I apologize.  Perhaps I’m not cut out for this crafty blogging thing?

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