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Button Mania I tell you

August 8, 2008

buttons 2buttons 1 buttons 3

So, my dear friend L lent me her button making machine thingamajig last week for Teen to make some buttons for her ‘new’ school bag, and she left it with me. The button making machine thingamajig that is, and curse that girl if she didn’t give me permission to make some buttons of my own. Not only to make some buttons of my own, but buttons of my own to sell, on etsy. Lookit that girl. She’s a saint ain’t she;)

So, I started with a list of buttons I thought I would want to make, and took up the usual culprits: typography mumbo jumbo, Guitar Hero fan whore, basic literature pretentiousness, and I started to work. I was able to finish a few sets the other day and printed them out, but some need some reworking. These aren’t too bad. So, I figured I would post them here. Eventually, I suppose they will be on etsy as well. Eventually.

They are just soooo much fun to make. I really, don’t want to stop. It’s amazing what design can go into a tiny ONE INCH (diameter) pin back button. There is, of course, an awful lot lost as well (for instance, those yellow buttons up there have a background with some watermarked-esque text saying some pretty funny things about fonts, but unless you have the eyes of an eagle, well, you ain’t reading it anytime soon). But still, so MUCH fun. Expect to see more. Always more:)

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