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Linocut Success

August 1, 2008

So, we all remember (ok, I remember) my debacle with woodcutting. Due to severe bodily injury, I had to give it up. But after speaking with a dear friend about where one should START with the whole art of carving, I bought up a rather large piece of ‘lino’ from the local art sale (25% off I might add) and yesterday finally took a stab at it. Instead of answering the phone, doing any laundry, cleaning house, hell, even making the bed- I carved these linocuts. Yup, I’m a slacker of a housewife, I know, but LOOK, it worked!!

Lino workspace

So, as you can see in that picture, I carved two rather simple lotus flowers on about a 4×4 piece of lino and I DIDN’T EVEN CUT MYSELF ONCE!! I was so bloody excited. What you can also see is me this morning going for a trial run of how they were going to print. I expected more of the background to show up as I didn’t realize how ‘good’ a job I had done of clearing off the background- but I can live with that. Unfortunately they don’t print so well on handmade paper, well, my handmade paper, and I suspect that has more to do with the porousness (is that a word) of the paper and the ink as well. But, when tested on plain old paper (actually, I think that’s banana paper, but whatev) it looks FANTABULOUS! In my humble opinion of course.

Loti? on paper So, let’s chalk this one up to LESSON LEARNED people. I’m so very proud of myself here and I don’t mind if I do pat myself on the back a bit. I know I know, it’s not brain surgery. Hell, I’m sure my kids will do this in high school, if not grade school, but the point is I’ve never done it before. I’ve never succeeded or even had a class in such a thing. In fact, I haven’t had art class (aside from Photography and Book-Making) since high school, wait, since Junior High. So yes, I am impressed with myself, so there! And now, I get to work on integrating them not only into my etsy shop, but also into my books.

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