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Letter (Im)pressed

July 29, 2008

Letter (Im)pressedYeah yeah, I think I have more fun titling my creations than making them. Ok, not really, it’s just sort of funny. I do get a kick out of. I used to HATE naming.titling things. I have stories and poems written AGES ago that still are so creatively titled ‘untitled’. It’s not funny. But for some reason coming up with some silly title to name my books has been easy. I’m cheesy like that.

Anywho– this right here is my latest creation. Not really, as I made one for a dear friend a few months back and liked the idea so much I ran with it. It’s filled with various quotations regarding art and design mostly, there are also a few about Love and passion thrown in there for good measure. My intent was to make a book that was for the most part completely black and white. So, the pages are a bright white good weight laser paper printed at the local copy shop and the covers are a bright white heavyweight copy-type paper with letter pressed designs copied onto it. If that makes sense. Anywho– it works. I like it. I made two. Buy one! Buy both! hehe.

Anywho- I really like the idea of making lined journals with sort of writing ‘prompt’s (in the form of famous quotes of course) and I made one the other day as well. I don’t know how marketable they are since the quotations might actually be a little singular. I made a similar one for a friend awhile back that had political quotations for the most part. I’m thinking I probably couldn’t sell that one, but I did fill it with relatively ‘in the middle’ quotes since the friend is actually a bit more conservative than I would call myself.

Wanted to share;) Thanks

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