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Get up off that thing

July 28, 2008

Pocket AlphabetWhen I said earlier that we were ‘gonna go slow here’ in posting my new pieces, in no way shape or form did I ever really mean this slow. But, as it is, this is what I can manage.

Here’s the thing. I Love to sit down at my dining room table and create things. I Love to sit there with the flickering fluorescents above me that give me a headache but are good for the environment and listen to the life go on around me and work on something tangible, something I can later pick up and hold in my hand, something that someone else, someday, might want. It gives me a sense of completion, of accomplishment, when I can stand up from that table and hold in my hands tiny (or large) books and say, ‘look what I did today’ and I get joy out of that. I get more joy out of creating new things that I haven’t tried before. I checked out some books from our County Library to get some different binding ideas that might be a bit more challenging, but still marketable to a certain extent. I still have them in my head, as I’ve yet to sit down at the table in a week after my last few days of creation. I haven’t sat back down at that table not because I don’t have the desire to create more, but because I’ve told myself I need to post what I’ve already made in order to make room for the new. Meaning, I need to photography them (in natural light) and write up descriptions of what they are (to me?) and post them at my etsy shop.

Multi bootiesFor me, that right there is the hardest thing in trying to sell my ‘wares’. I could make books all day every day (and knit at night of course) and I wouldn’t tire of it. There would be new paper, new ways of binding, folding, glueing, etc, and I would always be able to enjoy myself. However, there comes a time when I need a reason to continue making things; when gift-giving simply isn’t enough. This is that time. I seriously need to just get off my arse and start photographing these pieces and at least get them out there. I do. But what exactly is my motivation?

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  1. July 28, 2008 2:20 pm

    your motivation should be that someone, somewhere will be holding something you made in their hands and the object’s specialness will resonate within them the same way it resonates within you. that is anyones motivation that creates art of any kind… well, i think… that recognition of another person… like, even if it only means something to one other person… that one other person and i Love it. and that, i think is motivation… connection with others in admiration of beauty.

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