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Ah, the Local Art Theif err, I mean Store

July 15, 2008

Unfortunately, it’s not often that I visit the local art store in here town because, well, simply put, I can’t afford it.  Instead I give places like Michael’s and Christ Craft my business because they make art and crafting more affordable, even if they are the Wal-Mart’s of the art world (which I do choose not to shop at btw).  But, sometimes, just sometimes, there’s an item in my list o’ things to buy that happens to not be on the thousands of shelves lining the walls at these franchised type craft stores, and that makes me have to drive down town, get pulled over by a cop because my LEASED vehicle, whose lease is up in less than two weeks, has expired plates, find a place to park, and walk in to the elitist local art store filled with brimming future artists to ask for something simple, like book binding thread, and for them to look at me like, ‘why didn’t you just order that shit online?’ Snap.  Yeah, just like that.

But, see, I don’t like buying things online, sight unseen.  I don’t care how detailed the description is or how many rave reviews the item might have, it makes me nervous.  And, I don’t like to wait.  But, I also don’t like to pay for shipping, so really, I’m a cheapskate.  I guess maybe that’s what it all comes down to.  I’m a scaredy cat cheapskate.  Yup.  I’m ok with that.

So, I walk in, make my way to the small area where all the book making supplies are: I know it quite well as I took an “Artist’s Books” class in undergrad wherein ALL of the supplies our prof has us buy were ONLY available at said store.  Imagine that.  I know it’s the college trying to promote the small business, but c’mon people.  Anywho, I walk in, go over to the thread, pick it out, and then the college aged artiste has to measure it out for me, and let me tell you, he’s no mathematician.  Not that I am, by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t work at an art store, that SELLS things.  So, I ask for like, oh, $5 worth of thread because, you know, I kinda hate having to come back so often to purchase it, and they won’t sell me the damned spool (it would probably cost me $50) so, he gets to measure out like 50 feet of thread.  (I’m exaggerating a teensy tiny bit).  It takes him FOREVER to figure out just how many feet.yards (whatever) would be $5, so I think he ends up just guessing.  Whatever, I gots me some thread.

Then another studio art major walks in (I can smell the turpentine when they walk in the door) and the owner helps her to find some paper in a secret hidden compartment right behind my mathematician measuring out my oodles of book binding thread, and he’s telling her something, but what I remember most is him pointing out this really good, nice, SWEET paper that was under $2 a sheet.  So, of course, I nuzzled myself in there and got a few sheets as well.  Awesome. Score.

As we’re checking out, first he figures out that he only gave me $3 worth of thread (whatever dude!) and then, as he’s bagging up my stuff, he tells us that there’s a SIDEWALK SALE this Thursday where tons of stuff is going to be 90% off and the rest of the store will be 25% off.

Are you effing serious man?  I suppose you couldn’t have told me this before I dropped. . . ok, a whopping $13, but still.  *sigh* Not like I won’t go back this Thursday to see what I can find in the way of MORE PAPER (SWEET!) and anything having to do with linocuts, but damn.  Some people.

I did need the thread though.  So, I guess it was an ok trip.

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