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July 9, 2008

So, as promised, awful photographs of my new attempt at, well, paper-making I guess. I didn’t exactly have a lot of time, or money, to go out and buy the best of tools for this new craft, so I went for a hunt at the Dollar Store to find some cheap frames and a bucket they would fit into and a sponge. The bucket is obviously a metal cooking pan as I couldn’t find anything large enough in the plastic section, and the frames are . . . well, they leave much to be desired. The funny thing is, I have oodles of this ugly green paper that I wanted to ‘get rid of’ and that’s why I decided to make more/different paper out of it. However, the paper it’s making (I am making, can’t place the blame anywhere’s else) is just as ugly. And, about 10 sheets of it yields one sheet of this stuff. We’re not talking sustainable living here people. Whatever that means. I think I’ll try a few more when I get some newspaper to sop up all the water/mess I’m making, and perhaps buy some more felt pieces to do the same. Wish me luck.

In other news, I did start painting again last week.end. I bought some new acrylics awhile ago to paint in my book with since oils take FOREVER to dry, and well, we all know books are meant to be opened AND closed and that just wasn’t working out. I was told acrylics can do very similar effects, so I went for it. I’m not a fan however, at least not of acrylic on canvas. I haven’t quite figured them out yet. I liked the background of this painting before I flubbed it up with all the black in the swirly tree I tend to draw EVERYWHERE I go. Funny that, when I was in HS I used to draw this Earth with swirly fiery sun rays coming out of it. It was totally apocalyptic, but it was the only thing I would.could draw, so I did it everywhere. Every folder, my backback, my shoes, my jeans, the bottoms of my shoes, my friends’ shoes, my friends’ jeans . . . you name it, I drew that stupid sun.Earth on it. Now, it’s this silly tree. Eh. At least I’ve grown up a little bit. 🙂

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  1. July 11, 2008 7:09 pm

    i just wanted to tell you that i dont like acrylic either. maybe it is different on paper, or something else, wood… i dont know. on canvas… blah. i like watercolors on canvas and i Love oils because of their natural cool texture that adds to the piece. but, yes, indeed, they do take a buttload of time to dry. i have to call you soon. i want to talk about this stuff and other stuff. Love you.

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