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progress is incidental

June 27, 2008

That used to be my favourite silly quote from that silly Scream movie years and years ago; “Motives are incidental” and now, I think I can use it to describe the work I’ve been doing for the past few days. Incidental. Motive and all.

art mess

This is my mess. My dining room table that, for the past week has held nothing but paper and rulers and glue (and my bloody hands) instead of steadfast dinners. My family is ok with it (for now), but I need to get moving. I started work on about 6 books total, I think. I’ve lost count. I have my fingers in so many different pies now I don’t quite know which one I should taste first. Agh.

I have decided, however, to use what I have instead of going out and buying more more more. This goes for every aspect of my life. Instead of buying another box of cereal, let’s eat the 10 boxes of Chex I have in there instead of pretending I’m going to make Chex mix, or even Puppy Chow, before the holidays come around again. Instead of going out and buying MORE paper, let’s use the bajillion scraps of paper I’ve had lying around my house for centuries. (Case in point, there’s some white paper in the middle of that photo that has some letterpress copies on it, like the letter ‘A’ and the number ‘9’ and I have literally had that since before we were married. Long time. When I worked at “Print Shop” I used to always keep the qule throwaways that people left behind because I just KNEW that someday I would have use for them. And they were super qule. I have some nifty throwaway colour transparencies as well, but those have to wait for a super special day;) And now, I’ve used that paper for TWO book covers!! Waste not want not.)

So, yeah, that’s where I’m at. I think I have finally decided how to package my books when sold/bought, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re in the shop. Woot! Of course, today will be spend binding them all, but hey, it’s only a day right;)

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