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chalk it up to a learning experience and just move on kiddo

June 25, 2008

my arch nemesis

After a long conversation with a friend about the talent, effort, skill, and goshdarn hard work it takes to carve WOOD, I’m not terribly sad that I can’t do it.  Ok, it’s not that I can’t do it, it’s that I might die if I keep trying.  She suggested I look into lino cuts instead, and I agree.  I checked out some children’s books from the library today to keep us busy and entertain the masses, but also to teach me some basics of printmaking.  In said books there are very basic directions and helpful hints and STARTING points from which to, uh, start;) I’ve decided I’m going to start with carving some artgum erasers in simple shapes, like stars, hearts, circles, squares, and the like.  From there, I just might move on to linoleum, who knows.  I’m also bringing the kids in and we’ll be making some potato stamps real soon.

Lesson learned: wood hurts.

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